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sometimes you walk the line

and sometimes it walks you.

14 March
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abandoned places, alt country, american south, americana, andrew bird, antlers, astronomy, autumn, bayous, bela lugosi, bell witch, berries, birds, black spider dumpling, blues, bones, brian froud, camille saint-saens, carnival, carnival masks, cats, cemeteries, children's books, christmas, classic rock, creedence clearwater revival, crocheting, crossroads blues, cryptozoology, dark fantasy, daydreaming, delta blues, dime museums, dirt, dollhouse furniture, dollhouses, edward gorey, erotica, faeries, fairy tales, folklore, fortune tellers, gay, gay fiction, ghost stories, ghosts, ghouls, goth, graveyards, halloween, hammer horror, haunted places, hauntings, herbalism, herbs, history, holly black, honey, hoodoo, horror, horror fiction, horror movies, horses, iamx, illustration, j.m. barrie, johnny hollow, kaleidoscopes, kate bush, leadbelly, libraries, lost souls, louisiana, love, macabre, magic realism, miniature foods, miniatures, mississippi, monsters, mother goose, murder by death, music boxes, my little pony, mythology, neil gaiman, nests, new jersey, new orleans, nick cave, old wives tales, orchards, painting, paranormal, paranormal investigation, patrick wolf, peter pan, poppy z. brite, postmortem photography, puppetry, puppets, red house painters, robert johnson, robert smith, rockabilly, rococo, romance, romani, rootwork, sea shells, secrets, sewing, skip james, slash, sleep, smut, snails, snow, son house, southern gothic, stars, steam punk, stitches, stockings, stop-motion animation, supernatural, superstitions, taxidermy, tea, the cure, the little prince, the south, theology, thimbles, thread, toy horses, toys, tweaker, two gallants, unicorn-watching, urban fantasy, urban legends, vampires, viewmaster, weird nj, wine, wolves, writing, zombies